Disposable lenses could help avoid irritation

Disposable lenses could help avoid irritation

Contact lenses that have been fitted properly should be comfortable to wear and not cause the user irritation.

However, occasionally wearers of contacts may find they experience some discomfort if they develop an allergy to the proteins that build up on the lens surface.

Daily disposable lenses - such as 1 Day Acuvue - could help alleviate the problem of irritation.

Wearers should also always ensure they have washed their hands before handling their contacts and never rinse them under water to clean them but use branded cleaning solution instead - preferably one for sensitive eyes.

Irritation to the eye caused by contact lenses is called giant papillary conjunctivitis and - while it is not serious if tackled - a visit to the doctor for some eye drops is a good idea.

In addition, while many people who use contact lenses may be reluctant to go back to their glasses, this could be a good idea for a few days until the condition clears up.

by Emily Tait

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