Witty letter response highlights attitude to glasses

Witty letter response highlights attitude to glasses

Asia One"s Just Woman online magazine has suggested one of the ways to get a date is to get rid of glasses and opt for contact lenses.

One reader, known only as Damien, asked how important looks were when trying to ask girls out on a date.

The columnist, David Tian, replied women do not place as much emphasis on outward appearance as men do, but looking good "can help a lot" by giving added confidence.

Mr Tian wrote he had advised many men who had nothing going for them on the attractiveness front.

"Obese, balding, pimple-faced guys in Coke bottle glasses - who through the miracles of contact lenses, fitness training, shaving, dermatology and men"s fashion - transformed into cool, attractive men exuding charm and confidence," he added.

Some people are put off trying contact lenses because they think they could work out more expensive than glasses.

However, buying contact lenses online is more cost effective than purchasing them on the high street.

by Alexa Kaczka

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