Eye surgery "improves Elton John"s concerts"

Eye surgery "improves Elton John"s concerts"

By Emily Tait

Elton John has revealed how he now enjoys his concerts much more than he used to after having eye surgery.

The superstar had an operation to replace his lenses eight years ago and said that since the procedure he can now "see for miles" and even make out the signs held up by fans at the back of the arena.

"I had my eyes done about eight years ago; I had replacement lens surgery because I was so blind. Now I have 20/20 vision and I can see all the signs that the fans have, all the album sleeves - and it makes a difference," he revealed.

The Crocodile Rocker added that he now enjoys touring more than ever and is arguably singing better live than at any stage in his 40-year career.

It comes after a member of the R'n'B group Black Eyed Peas revealed that he is officially registered blind due to a rare condition.

Allan Pineda Lindo, who performs in the group as APL.DE.AP, suffers from the genetic eye disorder nystagmus, he announced last week.

by Emily Tait

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