New laser patent "may combat eye disease"

New laser patent "may combat eye disease"

A patent has been issued to technology company Biolase, which the firm hopes will help to improve the treatment of farsightedness.

According to the organisation, the patent has been granted for the development of a laser-tunnelling method which combats the effects of presbyopia by enabling the eye to refocus at near distance without losing its ability to focus on faraway objects.

Chairman and chief executive Federico Pignatelli said the technology has "broad applications" but can be particularly useful in the ophthalmology sector.

"This strong patent position in combination with our already FDA-cleared general indications for using our lasers with ocular tissue and the tissue surrounding the eye and orbit makes us an attractive partner for an ophthalmic company," he added.

Recently, a report by the National Eye Institute suggested that an increase in diagnoses of myopia among children may be down to the increased use of technology involving digital screens.

by Emily Tait

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