Seeing better "the major consideration" for eyecare

Seeing better "the major consideration" for eyecare

The major consideration for buying eyecare products is to see better, according to a recent NSIGHT study carried out by Bausch + Lomb.

In the contact lens manufacturer"s poll of 3,800 spectacle and contact lens wearers in seven different countries, the overwhelming reason for investing in eyecare products was to improve overall vision.

This was ahead of comfort, with most patients admitting that they would prefer a product to provide vision quality rather than comfort if given the choice.

"The eight categories of eyecare product benefits, in descending order of importance to patients, were vision, health, environment, eye condition, convenience, comfort, personal performance and personal appearance," the company stated.

Recently, a report issued by iData predicted that, in the US alone, the contact lens market is expected to reach over $4.6 billion (£2.9 billion) by 2017, something the organisation attributes to the popularity of products such as soft lenses and daily disposables.

by Emily Tait

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