Survey highlights variation in contact lens opinion

Survey highlights variation in contact lens opinion

There is a distinct variation in the opinion of global contact lens practitioners when it comes to the issue of biocompatibility, corneal staining and risk factors, a recent report has revealed.

According to the poll of 1,229 practitioners, carried out by Optician Online and published on its website on behalf of BioScience, 60 per cent of respondents believed that "maintenance of corneal cell integrity and wettability" was what biocompatibility meant in the context of contact lenses.

Meanwhile, over 50 per cent of those questioned said that there was a relationship between the interaction of lenses and solutions, oxygen permeability and fluorescein staining, while less than half linked inflammation to biocompatibility.

"Most felt that asymptomatic corneal staining in those not using multi-purpose solution (MPS) suggested contact lens-induced dry eye, while the staining in MPS users was thought to indicate both dry eye and inflammation," Optician Online stated.

Dr Jerry Nick, associate professor of medicine at National Jewish Health at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, recently said a new study conducted by the facility, showing how to eradicate microbial keratitis, may prevent many people from experiencing a painful and uncomfortable condition.

by Emily Tait

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