DIY glaucoma test "a possibility"

DIY glaucoma test "a possibility"

Glaucoma tests which can be done at home may soon become a reality, according to a group of researchers in the US.

Experts at Duke University in North Carolina led by Dr Sanjay Asrani claim that a new device may enable glaucoma sufferers to find out in minutes whether the condition, which affects millions of people across the globe, is worsening.

Currently most sufferers only undergo three two-second tests a year, but the new device would allow people to check their intraocular pressure at home several times a day to better manage the disease.

He explained: "If we can control the fluctuations and the patient is stable, it is my experience that the disease does not progress."

Recently, Dr Intizar Hussain, chairman of the Prevention of Blindness Trust, told Gulf News that weak eyesight in children is a strong sign that they will develop vision problems such as glaucoma in later life.

by Alexa Kaczka

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