KeraSoft contact lenses "can change people"s lives"

KeraSoft contact lenses "can change people"s lives"

By Martin Burns

Investing in new KeraSoft contact lenses can change the lives of patients for the better by bringing about excellent vision improvement, one expert has noted.

Jerry Warner, vice-president of marketing and general manager at Bausch + Lomb Global Contact Lens, made the comments after his company signed a licensing agreement with UltraVision CLPL to market and sell the products worldwide.

Mr Warner noted that the KeraSoft contact lens is custom-made for the patient's exact requirements, and the new deal will help to "significantly" increase the number of patients who are able to benefit from them.

"Extending the KeraSoft technology allows the labs to expand the ability of practitioners to offer life-changing vision correction to a wider range of patients who have a variety of irregular cornea conditions resulting from keratoconus and pellucid marginal degeneration," he explained.

Last month, the contact lens manufacturer revealed that it is altering the directions of use on its Renu Fresh multi-purpose contact lens solution in a bid to improve the manner in which customers store and handle lenses, by removing the phrase 'no rub'.

by Martin Burns

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