Contact lenses "are safe if cared for correctly"

Contact lenses "are safe if cared for correctly"

Contact lenses are completely safe to use so long as wearers insert them correctly and look after them properly.

This is according to consultant ophthalmologist Mr Peter McDonnell, honorary treasurer at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

"The use of contact lenses to correct problems relating to the eyesight being out of focus is generally effective and safe," he said.

Mr McDonnell went on to say that patients need to be "appropriately supervised by a qualified professional" when choosing contact lenses.

He said that buying contact lenses without the advice of someone like an ophthalmologist can lead to people developing eye infections and other problems.

Jerry Warner, vice-president of marketing and general manager at Bausch + Lomb Global Contact Lens, recently said that new KeraSoft contact lenses can change people"s lives by significantly improving their vision.

by Emily Tait

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