Contact lenses "more popular with women"

Contact lenses "more popular with women"

Contact lenses are more popular with women than men, according to one industry expert.

Speaking to the Ahmedabad Mirror, vision expert Dr Tejas Shah said that a major reason why more women wear contact lens for vision correction is that they tend to be more careful with the products.

He suggested that men are often less willing to take the time to insert and remove the contact lenses.

"Women are careful and gentle by nature. Therefore, they are able to carry contact lenses more comfortably than men," Dr Shah.

However, the expert pointed out that this does not have to be the case, as inserting and removing contact lenses is actually a relatively simple process and can result in enhanced vision without the need for glasses.

Recently, Jerry Warner, vice-president of marketing and general manager at Bausch + Lomb Global Contact Lens, said that investing in new KeraSoft contact lenses can change the lives of patients for the better by bringing about excellent vision improvement.

by Martin Burns

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