People"s IT skills "move from leisure to work"

People"s IT skills "move from leisure to work"

Workers spending leisure time on home computers are transferring their skills into the work environment, according to an expert.

A spokesperson for the Internet Services Providers" Association (ISPA) said using Facebook and other social networking sites was teaching people how to access other online tools they could use for work.

He also said more older people were using the internet in different ways.

"I think that more people from the older generations are embracing various applications online.

"Even if [people] are only experienced in using them in a social networking capacity before they get to the workplace," he explained.

Official health and safety advice from the government recommends people take regular breaks from their VDU screens and give eyes a chance to flex their muscles, to prevent eyestrain.

Regular eye tests are also essential - these should be done every two years, especially if you wear contact lenses or glasses.

These can also be purchased with a filter coating to prevent glare from VDU screens.

by Alexa Kaczka

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