Contact lens wearers offered eye makeup tips

Contact lens wearers offered eye makeup tips

By Emily Tait

Contact lens wearers have been provided with some eye makeup tips ahead of the spring months to ensure they look their best.

Carolyn Brundage, writing for Chicago Now, said that people may want to replicate the look of model and TV presenter Vanessa Romero by going for a hint of blue makeup.

"The key is to go blue on the lower lash line only while creating a bronze-hued smoky eye look on the upper lid," she explained.

Alternatively, Ms Brundage advises going for the Angelina Jolie look of "cat eyes", which first involves drawing a small line from the corner of the lower lash up towards the upper lash at an angle, before applying liner to the upper lash to create a triangle effect.

"Now, using your liner and very precise strokes, simply finish lining the outer half of the upper and lower lash line with liner as thinly as possible," the expert recommends.

However, Bennie Jeng, an ophthalmology associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco, told KTSF that women should avoid trying to alter their appearance by wearing "big-eyed" contact lenses which are not approved by the FDA.

by Martin Burns

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