Laser eye surgery "is the real deal"

Laser eye surgery "is the real deal"

By Alexa Kaczka

Laser eye surgery can bring about real changes in the way that people operate on a daily basis, according to one expert.

Dr Martin Burger, who recently opened the Vision One Lasik Center in Chicago, US, said that many forms of eye conditions can be treated through Lasik laser eye surgery.

He explained that the procedure has been proven to help people suffering from the likes of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, as well as reducing or eliminating their dependency on glasses.

On the new centre, he commented: "We couldn't be more excited about our new Chicago location and the ability to offer Chicago residents a safer and more convenient way to get the vision results they're looking for."

The announcement comes after Biolase Technology revealed that it has received a new US patent covering the use of its laser technologies for treating presbyopia.

by Martin Burns

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