Caring for contact lenses "important for eye health"

Caring for contact lenses "important for eye health"

Contact lens wearers need to ensure that their eyecare routine includes a stringent disinfection of their lenses or disposal of old ones, according to one manufacturer.

Advice issued by CooperVision states that, if people do not follow the proper routine, contact lenses start to feel uncomfortable when protein deposits form on the surface.

"These deposits, found naturally in the tear fluid of your eyes, accumulate on the lens over a period of weeks and months," the manufacturer explained.

It added that adhering to the planned replacement of lenses after a certain length of time is essential, while people should also ensure that they are regularly checked out by a proper eye doctor.

Also recently, Chicago-based optometrist Dr Michael Slusky said that it is important for contact lens wearers to follow any manufacturer instructions on the products, particularly regarding how long the lenses should be worn for and directions on changing and disposing of them. 

by Martin Burns

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