Dry contact lenses "can sometimes be saved"

Dry contact lenses "can sometimes be saved"

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

Contact lenses which have dried out in their case can be saved so long as the wearer knows what to do, an expert has asserted.

A question on familydoctormag.com asked how contact lens users should act if they find the products have accidently dried in their cases.

Responding to the query, Cullen Eye Institute associate professor of ophthalmology Dr M Bowes Hamill said that wearers should be able to save the dried-out contact lenses in some circumstances.

"To be safe, rehydrate them and put them through the full cleaning cycle that the manufacturer recommends for that lens," the expert commented.

Dr Hamill added that attempting to reuse lenses should be avoided if any dirt or dust has dried onto their surface. In addition, he advised people to seek medical attention if they experience discomfort, redness or decreased vision after using rehydrated contact lenses.

Earlier this month, CooperVision advised lens wearers to always follow the advice of the manufacturer when cleaning or replacing the products.

by Adrian Galbreth

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