Cocker dons eyewear to "look intelligent" on stage

Cocker dons eyewear to "look intelligent" on stage

In the pop world, image is everything and while many people in the business use contact lenses as a fashion accessory, at least one musician might have decided glasses make him look clever.

Former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker appeared on stage at a venue in his hometown of Sheffield wearing a pair of specs, according to the Sheffield Star.

The columnist noted the newspaper had once described Pulp as "Britain"s brainiest band" and suggested Cocker was still trying to live up to this accolade.

"Just to add to the educated image, he has now foregone the contact lenses, instead opting to wear his specs on stage," the article said.

It described this as "a brave move" in light of one gig that was held up for 20 minutes when aforesaid specs fell off mid-performance.

Perhaps it also supports Cocker"s "common people" cry by intimating contact lenses are something for the middle classes.

As those who buy contact lenses online know, they are an affordable necessity for everyone who wants all-round vision correction - something glasses do not offer.

by Emily Tait

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