Corneal abrasion "easy to avoid"

Corneal abrasion "easy to avoid"

People have to protect themselves against the risk of corneal abrasion, it has been advised.

An article published by HealthDay News pointed out that a number of accidents can lead to damage to the eyes.

"Carelessly handled contact lenses, a low-hanging tree branch or a fingernail used to relieve an itch can scratch the eye"s cornea," the source explained.

The news provider also highlighted advice issued by the American Academy of Family Physicians on how to avoid corneal abrasions, which recommended that people regularly cut their fingernails.

In addition, people should ensure they properly clean their contact lenses every day, be careful when placing them on the eye and take them out before sleeping to protect their eye health.

A recent post on the Healthy of Care blog suggested that people can safeguard their vision by having regular eye tests, as this will allow any potential sight problems to be identified early.

by Alexa Kaczka

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