Sclera contact lenses "could be an option"

Sclera contact lenses "could be an option"

People with irregularly shaped eyes who have been informed that contact lenses are not an option for them may be able to wear the items after all.

Allaboutvision.com revealed that people with keratoconus or who have irregular corneas as a result of an eye injury or surgery can suggest trying sclera contact lenses to their eyecare specialist.

This product has a large diameter and is gas permeable, as well as covering the whole of the eye"s surface, unlike some traditional contact lenses.

In addition, people with vision problems may wish to try hybrid contacts, which have a rigid centre with a soft lens around it. These contact lenses can be used to correct common conditions such as nearsightedness and astigmatism as well as problems like irregular corneas.

Furthermore, the City Journal recently reported that contact lens wearers benefit from not having to transport glasses around with them and can also get many of this item"s benefits, such as UV protection, in certain lenses.

by Alexa Kaczka

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