"Great strides" made in the contact lens industry

"Great strides" made in the contact lens industry

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

The past couple of decades have seen "great strides" within the contact lens and vision industry, according to one eye expert.

Speaking to the Derby Telegraph, optician John Fell - owner of John Fell Opticians on Borough Street - spoke about the advances made within the glasses and contact lens industry since the 1980s, when "garish coloured frames" and oversized lenses were all the rage.

Mr Fell has been running his business for the past quarter century and told the source that the contact lens sector is one which has particularly moved on since he started up his company.

Technology in general has improved he noted and said "the technology involved has moved on considerably since 1986. Now, we use the latest retinal scanners to ensure people have the right lenses".

Meanwhile, UK News Reporter recently said that those suffering from irregular astigmatism may find that contact lenses "easily" treat the vision problem.

by Adrian Galbreth

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