Frequent contact lens change "sign of cataracts"

Frequent contact lens change "sign of cataracts"

Frequent changes in the strength of prescription glasses or contact lenses could be a sign of cataracts, a doctor has said.

Speaking to the Star, ophthalmologist Dr Aloysius Joseph Low, who works in Malaysia, said one of the things often seen in patients suffering from cataracts is regular changes to their prescription for glasses or contact lenses to more powerful eye solutions.

"As the formation and progression of cataract can change the shape of our lens, its focal power may be altered," the newspaper reported.

Contact lens or glasses wearers concerned about eye problems should ensure they go for regular checks as this can help pick up on potential issues early on.

Certain types of contact lens and glasses could help with the symptoms of early cataracts, the newspaper pointed out.

Ophthalmologist Paul Frascella recently told news website Fox59.com that regular eye checks from a young age are essential for eye health. 

by Adrian Galbreth

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