Disposable contact lenses "driving market growth"

Disposable contact lenses "driving market growth"

Disposable contact lenses and speciality contact lenses are helping to drive market growth in the eyewear industry, a new report states.

Speciality lenses can include coloured and patterned novelty variations - and with many celebrities using these to change their look, lots of consumers find them fun and easy to use.

According to Research and Markets, these types of lens, in addition to daily disposables, are helping the sector to grow. It also found that sunglasses are now being thought of as "a fashion statement".

"Eyewear designers are focusing on bright, multi-coloured and bejewelled designs," the report added.

Once you have been for an eye test and given a prescription, there is a lot of choice online when it comes to daily and coloured contact lenses.

It is also thought by many that dailies are more hygienic as there is no potentially harmful build-up as they can be thrown away at the end of each day.

by Alexa Kaczka

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