Contact lenses hygiene "is easy to maintain"

Contact lenses hygiene "is easy to maintain"

Maintaining good contact lens hygiene is not difficult and can help to almost eliminate the risk of infection, one source has pointed out.

A post on the Comfortable Contact Lens blog noted that people should follow steps such as always washing their hands before touching the products or inserting them, as well as ensuring that the correct contact lens solution is used to store the products.

It also pointed out that contact lenses which should only be used once – such as dailies – should never be reinserted.

"No matter what kind of contact lenses you choose, there are things that you can do to make your lenses feel more comfortable, such as drinking lots of water because your eyes will feel dry if the body is not adequately hydrated," the blog added.

According to a recent post on the Healthy of Care blog, people should consider having an eye test every 12 months, as this will allow any health problems to be identified early.

by Martin Burns

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