Big-eyed contact lenses "should be avoided"

Big-eyed contact lenses "should be avoided"

By Alexa Kaczka

So-called big-eyed contact lenses which alter people's appearance should be avoided, according to one source.

An article on the Bangkok Post noted that many contact lens wearers from both Thailand and the rest of the world have been buying lenses which are unofficial and putting their eyes at risk as a result.

It explained that the lens, which are ill-fitting and often use materials which are damaging to the eye, have been banned in many countries and are not approved by governmental health organisations.

"Even though the debate is still ongoing about whether infections were due to low-quality lenses or unhygienic handling, the topic bears further exposure since misuse can lead to temporary loss of vision or even permanent blindness," the source said.

A recent post on the Updated Dailey blog noted that proper handling of contact lenses is vital to prevent infection and ensure that the products work to the best of their ability.

by Emily Tait

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