Glasses "will soon be a thing of the past"

Glasses "will soon be a thing of the past"

The use of glasses will soon be consigned to history as advancements in vision correction continue to excel, one expert has predicted.

According to futurist Ray Hammond, glasses will be worn by fewer and fewer people over the next two decades as they seek out more permanent means of correcting poor eyesight, which can reduce or eliminate the need for spectacles.

He added that procedures such as laser eye surgery may become "the norm" as more cost-effective procedures are developed.

"Developments in the field will allow people with previously untreatable prescriptions [either very high, complex or reading prescriptions] to have a surgical alternative to their glasses," Mr Hammond added.

Recently, Netlens noted that an advantage of wearing contact lenses is that they make people look younger than glasses do.

The source said that contact lenses not only provide greater comfort than glasses, due to the fact they do not sit on the ears or rub on the nose, but also increase people"s attractiveness.

by Adrian Galbreth

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