Glaucoma sight loss "becoming less common"

Glaucoma sight loss "becoming less common"

The number of people who are losing their sight after developing glaucoma is beginning to fall, one expert has pointed out.

Consultant ophthalmologist Tim Fulcher, from Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, said that better detection methods and more effective forms of treatment mean that sight loss in glaucoma patients is being restricted.

He explained: "Once glaucoma has been diagnosed, a patient will require lifelong care thereafter. However, earlier diagnosis and the much improved treatments developed over recent years mean a reduction in the proportion of patients who will go on to suffer sight loss."

Mr Fulcher added that specialist eye clinics are also helping to reduce the number of people seeking treatment at general clinics and are, in turn, preventing blindness.

Glaucoma is a condition, which affects one in ten people over the age of 50.

by Emily Tait

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