Eye exams "a great form of preventative medicine"

Eye exams "a great form of preventative medicine"

By Alexa Kaczka

An eye exam represents one of the most effective forms of preventive medicine, according to one specialist.

Jeff Spahr, staff vice president of Anthem Vision and Voluntary Services for Anthem Blue Cross, made the comments after his organisation launched a new vision care plan to help protect the eyesight of workers through regular eye checks.

He explained that it is important to offer an integrated health benefits plan that includes medical and vision coverage to consumers.

Mr Spahr added: "Integrating medical and vision services not only helps employers and their employees reduce health care costs and save money, it also can lead to the prevention or early management of costly medical conditions."

Recently, Sarah Zerbib, head of marketing and PR at the International Glaucoma Association, said it is essential that people undergo regular eye tests if they are to reduce their chances of developing eye conditions.

by Alexa Kaczka

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