Does it matter what solution contact lens wearers use?

Does it matter what solution contact lens wearers use?

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

Contact lens wearers have been offered advice about the cleaning products they could use for their vision correction solution.

Dr Marc Werner, a US ophthalmologist, told Fox News he believes it does not really matter what solution people use to clean their contact lenses.

He said while there are some differences between the solutions on the market, finding the best one is usually a case of "trial and error".

One thing users should avoid doing is reusing solution in their carrying case. He said this is because "every time you squirt solution out of the bottle it degrades significantly".

Dr Werner added that people should always use a solution where possible, but if it is unavailable, he said tap water is better than saliva for cleaning contact lenses.

"The sink is certainly better than saliva," he said, however, he warned that tap water can still have bugs which can cause eye infections.

Recently, Sarah Zerbib, the International Glaucoma Association's head of marketing and PR, said detecting eye disease at an early stage is extremely important.

by Adrian Galbreth

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