Contact lenses "travel must-haves" for some businesspeople

Contact lenses "travel must-haves" for some businesspeople

When it comes to must-have travel accessories, contact lenses are among the items which a number of businessmen and women are unable to go without, it has been suggested.

PrivateFly.com and Clarity research showed that products like contact lenses, family photos and gym clothing were listed by 30 per cent of respondents as essential bits of travel kit.

Phones were identified by another 30 per cent as being vital, with laptops being favoured by 23 per cent.

The website"s founder and chief executive officer, Adam Twidell, commented that people"s travel attitudes can be highlighted by their packing preferences.

He stated: "While the most popular items were those which allow business leaders to stay in contact with the office, other important or familiar items from home were also deemed key to their travel experience."

by Adrian Galbreth

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