Justin Bieber swapping contact lenses for "geek chic"?

Justin Bieber swapping contact lenses for "geek chic"?

By Emily Tait

It seems there is no stopping US heartthrob Justin Bieber. Having taken the music and film industries by storm, he now looks set - with the help of stylish eyewear - to make his mark on the international fashion stage.

Over the weekend, Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) threw a special party for the 17-year-old star after his sell-out My World show at the Forum di Assago in Milan and it was all eyes on what were framing his puppy-dog peepers.

Bieber arrived at the gathering in a thick-rimmed pair of black D&G spectacles, tossing aside his usual contact lenses in favour of the geek-chic look with which he is occasionally associated.

Speaking to In Style magazine following the event, the designers commented on the singer's rise to global stardom.

"We are very happy of Justin Bieber's success because he is the symbol of a new kind of popularity. He started with YouTube … Once again, new technologies had contributed to discover an extraordinary talent," they said.

by Alexa Kaczka

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