Parents urged to reduce children"s screen time

Parents urged to reduce children"s screen time

An eye health expert has urged parents to restrict their children"s access to television, computers and video games, to help prevent harm that may result from too much time spent staring at screens.

Speaking to the Seattle Times, Patricia Smith, of North Carolina"s Triangle Eye Physicians, explained how youngsters risk paying a high price for spending so many hours watching TV and playing games.

"Kids have a limited degree of awareness, so they"ll just play and play until they"re exhausted. You"ve got to "parent up" and limit the amount of computer time," she told concerned mums and dads.

Ms Smith advised parents to watch out for excessive eye rubbing, which could be an indication of strained vision and a hint that it is time for a break to be taken.

However, she stressed the need for youngsters to have a rest from screen-based activities during their break, not simply move from the TV to their computer or phone and vice versa.

Earlier this month, optometrist Dr Mark Lynn highlighted the importance of regular eye tests to protect families" sight.

by Emily Tait

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