Teens will be prescribed contact lenses on merit

Teens will be prescribed contact lenses on merit

Parents need to think hard and talk to their optician about whether contact lenses are appropriate for their children.

Cherokee Middle School counsellor Jeanene Gerhardt told News-leader.com that children and teens can demand contact lenses, among other things, as a way to fit in.

However, she suggested that parents may want to consider it as a reward for their child showing responsibility as they require proper care.

Her opinion has been supported by the eye care experts who revealed that at age 13, and even as young as 11 in some cases, children"s eyes can be mature enough for contact lenses, but that is not a guarantee an optician will prescribe them.

Contact lenses are generally prescribed to teens on a case-by-case basis, following an eye exam to see if they are a suitable candidate, but if an eye care practitioner feels they are not being looked after, they will not hesitate to un-prescribe. 

by Adrian Galbreth

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