Advice given on beating hayfever

Advice given on beating hayfever

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

The summer is just around the corner and around one in five people in Britain will suffer from hay fever this summer.

However, there are a number of ways which people can limit the symptoms, leaving them to enjoy being outside and enjoying the sunshine.

Charlie Badham, from Badham Pharmacy, told ThisisGloucestershire.co.uk that sufferers will find the condition affects them more during the morning and evening, as this is when the pollen count is going up and down.

"The tablets have moved on now, and the best way to cure hay fever can be having more than one type of remedy. There are nasal sprays, tablets and eye drops – and they have all been developed to help sufferers whilst reducing side effects," he added.

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that the UK has one of the highest hay fever rates, with the pollen count hitting 220 in some parts of the UK last weekend. 

by Adrian Galbreth

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