Contact lenses "should not be worn for too long"

Contact lenses "should not be worn for too long"

It is essential that contact lens users do not wear the products for longer than the manufacturer recommends, one source has advised.

According to Colleen Cappon, writing for Fox News, wearers of daily disposable contact lenses in particular need to take extra care when following their daily eye regimen.

Each lens needs to be removed and thrown away after 24 hours, as not doing so means the product is not able to provide its optimum level of vision correction and can also lead to problems developing in and around the eye.

She explained that, as the cornea has no blood vessels and requires oxygen from the air, inserting a daily contact lens temporarily prevents it from getting oxygen.

"The longer you keep it on without taking if off and giving the cornea a break, the more problems you will have. Daily contacts are never made to be reused, they should be thrown away at the end of every day," Ms Cappon explained.

A recent contact lens warning was issued by ophthalmologist Natasha Lim, who works in a private practice, who told the Straits Times that female contact lens wearers need to be very careful when applying makeup to minimise the risk of infection.

by Alexa Kaczka

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