Contact lenses "can help tackle myopia"

Contact lenses "can help tackle myopia"

The progression of myopia in children can be curbed or even halted thanks to the use of special orthokeratology (OK) contact lenses, according to a new study.

A report by Professor Helen Swarbrick, who heads the UNSW Research in Orthokeratology Group, suggests that the contact lenses have a great success rate by gently reshaping the front surface of the eye while children wear them during the night.

Professor Swarbrick said that OK lenses may also play a key role in reducing the increasing prevalence and severity of myopia across the planet, particularly in Asia.

She told Science Alert that "the race is on" to develop clinical techniques which deal with the myopia "epidemic" in eastern Asia.

"Our research has demonstrated conclusively that OK is effective, at least in the short term, in stopping the eye growth that causes myopia progression," the expert said.


by Adrian Galbreth

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