Vistakon targets contact lens growth

Vistakon targets contact lens growth

By Martin Burns

Contact lens manufacturer Vistakon is targeting further growth in the sector after releasing its latest corporate strategy.

According to the organisation, it is now focused on investing in innovation in a bid to further permeate the industry and launch new products to benefit contact lens wearers.

In addition, the company will aim to expand its presence in many international territories, particularly Brazil, Russia, India and China, where it mainly intends to focus on the 14 to 44 age bracket, who are shown to be the most frequent contact lens wearers.

The company's research and development division will also continue to provide a competitive advantage over its rivals, according to Vistakon, which has said this field of operations will strengthen its manufacturing processes.

Meanwhile, Ciba Vision is aiming to steal a march on its rivals. The next generation of contact lens technology is being showcased after research at the University of the Philippines' College of Medicine led to the creation of a new product called Air Optix, following Ciba Vision funding.

by Emily Tait

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