Public "not recognising sun"s threat to vision"

Public "not recognising sun"s threat to vision"

The threat to people"s vision presented by the sun is not being recognised by some consumers, who may subsequently be putting their eyesight at risk, a new study has found.

Research published by contact lens manufacturer Acuvue shows that 85 per cent of people are fully aware that UV rays omitted by the sun pose a danger to vision, but only 65 per cent take steps to protect their eyes by wearing sunglasses or UV contact lenses.

In addition, It comes after UK meteorologists confirmed that last month was the hottest April since recoonly 39 per cent of people take the time to ensure their children wear eye protection when out in the sun.

Commenting on the data, Dr Christine Sindt, associate professor of clinical ophthalmology at the University of Iowa, said that short-term damage can often be difficult to notice, but long-term sun exposure is a major risk to the eye and surrounding tissue.

"The effects of UV radiation are cumulative over a person"s lifetime, and ocular disorders such as cataracts may not manifest for years, at which point the damage is already done," she explained.

by Adrian Galbreth

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