Study uncovers contact lens cleaning trends

Study uncovers contact lens cleaning trends

A new study has highlighted some of the cleaning trends among young contact lens users and the steps they are taking to improve eye safety when wearing the products.

Funded by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and carried out at Ohio State University, the research showed that 32 per cent of contact lens wearers under the age of 12 and 35 per cent of teenage contact lens wearers reported rubbing their lenses.

This compares with 42 per cent of children and 45 per cent of teens who reported rinsing their lenses, while 53 per cent of all contact lens wearers under the age of 20 replace their case every six months or less.

Dr Jeffrey Walline, from the university"s College of Optometry, said rubbing and rinsing of the lens surface can help to "maximise lens performance" and "minimise adverse events".

"The numbers on rubbing and rinsing of lenses are heartening because although we"d like to see higher percentages, they are higher than those reported in other contact lens compliance studies," he added.

In a recent interview with ABC15.com, Dr Dave Thomas from Thomas Eye Care in Paradise Valley said that children should have regular eye tests to determine whether they need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

by Emily Tait

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