Contact lens reminders "can be very effective"

Contact lens reminders "can be very effective"

Tools which help to remind contact lens wearers to replace their lenses every day can be very effective in reducing the chances of infection, one expert has claimed.

As many contact lenses can only be worn for 24 hours, it is easy for people to forget to take them out or replace them, but this lapse in concentration is negated thanks to the likes of the Acuminder tool, said Sheila Hickson-Curran, director of medical affairs at Vistakon, which produces the device.

She explained that a recent study has shown there is "relatively low compliance" when it comes to following manufacturer replacement recommendations, but there is a solution to the problem.

"To maximise the likelihood of replacement compliance, strong doctor recommendation with written instruction and reinforced at every patient visit, teamed with a reminder service such as the Acuminder tool can be very effective," Ms Hickson-Curran added.

Recently, Chicago-based optometrist Dr Michael Slusky said that it is important for contact lens wearers to follow any manufacturers" instructions on the products, particularly regarding how long the lenses should be worn for and directions on changing and disposing of them.

by Martin Burns

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