Eyewear training "may improve vision"

Eyewear training "may improve vision"

A new form of eyewear may be able to improve the vision of athletes and lead to enhanced performance, according to a recent study.

Research carried out by a team of Duke University psychologists specialising in visual perception involved using a new form of eyewear with lenses that alternate between clear and opaque states, producing a strobe effect.

Almost 500 people took part in over 1,200 training sessions and had their visual abilities tested before and after wearing the device, completing various visual-motor tasks such as catching and throwing a ball.

Experts found that some athletes who used the eyewear reported that the ball "slowed down" when they viewed it with their regular eyesight afterwards.

It is thought that further studies may now determine whether this experience could lead to the development of new ways of improving athletes" vision on the field of play.

by Emily Tait

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