Common cataract myths unveiled

Common cataract myths unveiled

A number of myths surrounding cataracts, a debilitating eye condition which robs millions of people of their eyesight each year, have been debunked in a new article.

A piece compiled by torontosun.com noted that many people are under the impression that cataracts can be treated with eye drops or vitamin consumption, but this is simply not the case, as surgery is the only proven cure.

In addition, the article noted that the perceived lengthy recovery time associated with cataract removal is also a myth, as vision can be restored within as little as two days after the procedure.

Also, suturing is not required as the lens is placed within the capsule of a normal lens, while there is generally no need to still wear glasses after the operation, unlike some people believe, the source noted.

Meanwhile, David Cartwright, director of professional services for Boots Opticians, recently said there are many very serious conditions which can be identified through having an eye test, ranging from glaucoma to cataracts.

by Martin Burns

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