New eye technology "is proof of principle"

New eye technology "is proof of principle"

A new form of technology which may help blind people to see has been hailed by one expert as "proof of principle" that new inventions can help to make a positive difference to people"s lives.

That is the opinion of Lyndon Da Cruz, consultant ophthalmic surgeon at London"s Moorfields Eye Hospital, who told the Daily Express that a new type of implant which can assist people with the blinding retinitis pigmentosa is the real deal.

He explained that patients with the condition now effectively have an artificial retina, which highlights how technology can sometimes throw up the unexpected.

"This demonstrates that plugging in technology to the neural structure of the eye is possible, and that this can integrate stably over a long period. Now we have something that works we can begin to think about how to make it better," he told the news provider.

Recently, specialists at Cincinnati Children"s Hospital Medical Center claimed that an approach which involves a new molecular pathway used to suppress blood vessel branching in the developing retina can play a key role in reversing eye damage.

by Alexa Kaczka

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