Contact lens safety advised in Thailand

Contact lens safety advised in Thailand

The Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has advised wearers of certain contact lenses that safety regulations need to be followed correctly.

"Big eye" contact lenses are popular among teenagers as they make pupils and irises appear larger, and give a look similar to famous Korean celebrities, said public health permanent secretary Prat Boonyawongvirote.

According to the Bangkok Post, some of these lenses are reported to be of sub-standard quality and could damage eyes if used without doctors" instructions, added FDA deputy secretary-general Pongpan Wongmanee.

"The curves of contact lenses are important factors," he explained.

"Inappropriate curves can put pressure on eyeballs and injure them."

When used correctly, cosmetic and coloured contact lenses can be a great way to change one"s appearance, even if they are not designed to correct vision.

Brands such as Freshlook and Soflens offer some lovely colours but, before ordering, it is advisable to visit an optician and get a prescription.

by Martin Burns

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