Contact lenses help baseball player improve form

Contact lenses help baseball player improve form

By Alexa Kaczka

Yet another baseball player has found that wearing new contact lenses helped him to improve his game and turn his form around.

Bryce Harper, who plays centre field for the Hagerstown Suns, was struggling for form until he realised his poor vision was affecting his game and made up his mind to undergo tests, which recommended he change contacts.

Switching contact lenses has now resulted in the 18-year-old garnering attention across North America for his fine batting performances and play in the outfield, the Associated Press reported.

According to Harper, who is the youngest player in the South Atlantic League, he was "blind as a bat" before switching contact lenses, but then embarked on an 18-game hitting streak which made fans and scouts everywhere pay attention.

Recently, another baseball player, Ryan Perry, noted that his success with the Detroit Tigers may be attributable to contact lenses after switching from glasses and enhancing his on-field abilities.

by Martin Burns

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