Contact lenses "should fit a person"s lifestyle"

Contact lenses "should fit a person"s lifestyle"

By Emily Tait

People who wear contact lenses should ensure that any products they buy fit perfectly with their lifestyle, a specialist has advised.

Women in particular need to bear in mind whether they will be wearing makeup and how this could possibly affect their everyday life, said Bridgette Yeo, a registered optometrist at Stan Isaacs, writing for Asia One.

She pointed to recent research carried out by Nielsen and Ciba Vision, which polled over 500 female contact lens users and found that 83 per cent did not follow the correct lens-wearing regimen recommended by eyecare professionals.

Ms Yeo warned: "Precisely because habits are hard to break, it is increasingly important for women who wear beauty products to choose contact lenses that fit their lifestyle and resist beauty product deposits."

Meanwhile, a recent contact lens warning was issued by ophthalmologist Natasha Lim, who works in a private practice, who told the Straits Times that female contact lens wearers need to be very careful when applying makeup to minimise the risk of infection.

by Martin Burns

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