Expert offers eyecare tips

Expert offers eyecare tips

A vision expert has offered some tips on how people can help to prevent eye problems from occurring and maintain healthy vision.

Following a healthy diet is an easy and effective way of maintaining vision, according to Anna Turvey,optician.

She explained: "Having a good diet, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and protecting your eyes from UV are helpful [for vision maintenance]."

The expert said that exposure to UV rays form the sun is one of the major causes of eye damage, leading to both cataracts and macular degeneration, so it is particularly important for anyone hoping to safeguard their vision to avoid exposure.

"Smoking can also have adverse effects on the eye, as it can with general health," Ms Turvey added.

Meanwhile, recent advice issued by fitsugar.com, the health and wellbeing advice site, noted that a combination of products can help to keep people"s eyesight safe during the sunny days, with UV sunglasses and contact lenses two options they can adopt.

by Alexa Kaczka

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