Diabetes film warns of importance of eye check-ups

Diabetes film warns of importance of eye check-ups

A film has been launched which reminds people about the importance of having eye check-ups to identify the possible development of diabetes.

Released by NHS Berkshire West and NHS Diabetes, the film points out that diabetes can be identified and treated early through a visit to an eyecare professional, while people who already suffer from the condition can be checked for diabetic retinopathy.

Anna Morton, director of NHS Diabetes, said the film, which was made at Wokingham Community Hospital using actual patients and staff, will serve an important purpose.

"Through this film, NHS Berkshire West is doing a great service to their local population by helping them to understand more about what screening for the condition involves," she explained.

A recent news article also pointed out that sight tests can help to show high cholesterol levels in a patient, as well as factors like high blood pressure and the development of diabetes.

by Alexa Kaczka

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