Disabled woman applies contact lenses with her feet

Disabled woman applies contact lenses with her feet

A woman born without arms has proven that her condition does not prevent her from enjoying life to the full, as she is able to do everything with just her feet - including putting in contact lenses.

Jessica Cox, 31, has overcome many obstacles during her life and has proved that having no arms does not prevent you from doing much.

She has a drivers" license and became a black belt at the age of 14 with the International Tae Kwon-Do Federation, Mirror magazine reported.

In addition, she became the first armless person in history of aviation to become a fully qualified pilot at the age of 25, and told the publication that she learned from a young age how her feet could help her do to anything - whether inserting contact lenses or flying a plane.

"From an early age, standing on one leg became necessary to me. It was a necessity, so I could use my other foot like a hand," she added.

by Alexa Kaczka

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