Poor eyesight "hampering adult literacy"

Poor eyesight "hampering adult literacy"

Adult literacy rates may be being affected by people"s poor eyesight, a new study has claimed, which may have implications for thousands of people.

According to research from Glasgow Caledonian University"s vision science department, carried out over four years, people who have trouble understanding words and sentences may actually be suffering from vision problems.

Dr Nadia Northway, a co-author of the report, told the Herald that almost all of the adult learners with literacy problems who were chosen to participate in the study had some kind of visual impairment.

"At one point we had assessed 108 adults and found visual processing problems in 107, ranging from very minor things; such as people who needed reading glasses but hadn"t got them, to binocular vision problems," the expert noted.

It comes after research carried out by Age UK showed that poor vision was also a contributing factor in 270,000 people in the UK aged over 60 falling in the last two years.

by Alexa Kaczka

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