Boy"s eyesight restored following taxi accident

Boy"s eyesight restored following taxi accident

A seven-year-old boy from South Africa has had the sight restored to his right eye following a bizarre accident involving a taxi.

Gerhard van der Merwe has "extremely defective vision" in his right eye, which limited his ability to complete certain tasks effectively, but this has all changed since he was hit by a taxi outside his family home, News24.com reported.

The boy was left with bruises around the eye after hitting the ground but soon realised that he could see far more clearly out of it than before the accident – something confirmed by specialists at Eye Institute in Pretoria.

His mother Gretha told the news provider "In hospital he kept telling us he could see. He had to get stitches in his right eyelid, and it was swollen so we thought he meant the swelling was subsiding and that he could distinguish light again, but he kept saying he could see."

It comes after a recent report published in BioMed Central"s open access Journal of Medical Case Reports revealed how a man who had lost the sight in his right eye after being hit with a stone 55 years ago had it restored thanks to a pioneering new operation.

by Emily Tait

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