Event "showed how great contact lenses are"

Event "showed how great contact lenses are"

By Alexa Kaczka

A recent industry event helped to highlight how contact lenses can be a great addition to people's lives and bring about real improvements in their vision, one user has revealed.

Speaking to AME.info, Saleem Marta said that he attended an event at the Avenues Mall in Kuwait and was made aware of the many different types of contact lenses that are available – some of which he had never known existed.

Mr Marta noted that he now has a greater knowledge of how he can wear different types of lenses depending on the conditions and how these can assist him in different ways.

"It was great as I was given all the information that I needed to know, [such as] the types of lenses that best suit me, taking into consideration main variables like the hot weather and other factors," he explained.

Recently, one contact lens wearer known as Lesley wrote to BellSugar.com and revealed how she has benefitted enormously from learning about different types of contact lenses on the market and how they can improve her life.

by Martin Burns

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